Come and Travel with Me - Bella-Bella


As far as I remember I've always loved going on road trips. I decided to dedicated this blog site to all the road trips @

There’s something incredible about driving on an open road and watching the scenery change while listening to your favorite song. Stopping to admire the beautiful scene and taking a photo here and there!

Growing up my family didn’t do much traveling. As I grew older I started to take notice of where my friends were going to spend their summer or winter vacations. And started planning my own road trips. Once I was able to drive - that was it! The Bella-Bella road trips started.

I hope to share with you the beautiful journeys with you on the blog. Frankly I have been using the Beta version of the snapWONDERS portal to help make it easier for me. Truthfully I am a noob when it comes to computers and things and not very saavy on the net. But snapWONDERS seems to make this easier and I am still trying it out! Looking really great at the moment.